Teatro Grande is the main theater of Brescia. Teatro Grande has been considered as a national monument for more than 100 years, an architectural jewel become an unmissable stop-over both for who lives in the city and who is just passing through. The greatest opera singers and the most famous Italian and international artists performed […]
Teatro Sociale was founded in 1813, the year Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner were born. The curtain went up for the first time on the evening of 28 August 1813, on Antonio Fonseca Portugal’s Adriano in Siria and Giuseppe Mosca’s I Pretendenti Delusi.
Cremona’s first public theatre was founded by Giovanni Battista Zaist in 1747 on the site of the present Ponchielli. Its completely wooden structure was destroyed by a fire in 1806 and in 1824. Its immediate restoration was approved by Faustino Rodi and Luigi Voghera.