TEATRO A. PONCHIELLI has an intense activity ranging every year from September to June and covering all sorts of music and theatrical genres, shows and performances:
Opera Season: October to December (see below)
Concert Season: December to April
Theatre Season: December to May
Dance Season: January to April
Monteverdi Festival: May-June (see below)
All season host international renown artists, from contemporary and classical dance to world and jazz music, from prestigeous European orchestras to refined chamber ensembles.
Moreover, Teatro Ponchielli has also a rich educational programme, with special shows dedicated to schools (Oltreibanchi) and hosts short operas expressly arranged for 3-6 and 6-14 years old audience (Opera Kids and Opera domani).
Teatro Ponchielli is the cultural living heart of the town and collaborates with other music institutions:
– Accademia W. Stauffer (masterclasses, concerts “Omaggio a Cremona”)
– Fondazione Antonio Stradivari (Competition of violin-making, special events and exhibitions)
– University of Pavia, Dept. of Musicology (seminars, programmes)



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Cremona’s first public theatre was founded by Giovanni Battista Zaist in 1747 on the site of the present Ponchielli. Its completely wooden structure was destroyed by a fire in 1806. The reconstruction work two years later, which gave the theatre its present form, was completed by Luigi Canonica, a pupil of Piermarini. Another fire seriously damaged the building in 1824. Its immediate restoration was approved by Faustino Rodi and Luigi Voghera. Further work on the decorative part of the auditorium and on the entrance halls was carried out during the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries. Acquired by the municipality in 1986, the Theatre of Cremona, which has been named after Amilcare Ponchielli since the beginning of the 20th century, has undergone radical restoration and technological modernisation. A foundation has been entrusted with managing the theatre since 2003.


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Fondazione Teatro A. Ponchielli
C.so Vittorio Emanuele II, 52
biglietteria 0372.022001/002

(lun/sab 10.30-13.30 e 16.30-19.30)

fax 0372.022099
e-mail: biglietteria@teatroponchielli.it



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Clara Carini

Responsabile Gruppi

Fondazione Teatro A. Ponchielli
C.so Vittorio Emanuele II, 52
tel + 39 0372 022011

(lun/ven 8.30-13.00 e 14.30-17.00)

fax 0372.022099
e-mail: info@teatroponchielli.it



[symple_accordion_section title=” Calendary OPERA SEASON”]
mercoledì 7 ottobre, ore 20.30 (turno A)
venerdì 9 ottobre, ore 20.30 (turno B)
domenica 11 ottobre, ore 15.30 (fuori abbonamento)


Musica di Giacomo Puccini
Direttore Giampaolo Bisanti
Regia Leo Muscato


venerdì 16 ottobre, ore 20.30 (turno A)
domenica 18 ottobre, ore 15.30 (turno B)


Musica di Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Direttore Stefano Montanari
Regia Mario Martone


venerdì 6 novembre, ore 20.30 (turno A)
domenica 8 novembre, ore 15.30 (turno B)


Musica di Gioachino Rossini
Direttore Francesco Ommassini
Regia Damiano Michieletto


giovedì 19 novembre, ore 20.30 (turno A)
sabato 21 novembre, ore 20.30 (turno B)


Musica di Gaetano Donizetti
Direttore Christopher Franklin
Regia Andrea Cigni


venerdì 4 dicembre, ore 20.30 (turno A)
domenica 6 dicembre, ore 15.30 (turno B)


Musica di Giuseppe Verdi
Direttore Pietro Mianiti
Regia Nicola Berloffa


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Fondazione Colori scuro 300