Selection of a directing project for the coproduction of La bohème by G. Puccini

Promoted by Teatro Grande di Brescia, Teatro Sociale di Como, Teatro Ponchielli di Cremona, Teatro Fraschini di Pavia
Within the Stagione d’Opera 2024-2025
in coproduction with Fondazione Teatro Regio di Parma e Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia
in collaboration with Opera Europa


OperaLombardia, the co-production network promoted by Teatro Grande di Brescia, Teatro Sociale di Como, Teatro Ponchielli di Cremona and Teatro Fraschini di Pavia with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture, Regione Lombardia and Fondazione Cariplo, announces a selection of a directing project for La bohème by Giacomo Puccini, on the occasion of the centenary of the death of the composer, that will be represented within the 2024/2025 Opera Seasons at OperaLombardia Theatres, and that will involve the participation of the winners of the International Aslico Competition for Young Opera Singers 2024. The selection is in collaboration with Opera Europa and in co-production with Fondazione Teatro Regio di Parma and Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia.

The announcement confirms the talent scouting character in the chords of many of the Circuit’s activities, a mission and a drive pursued by all the theatres involved, in order to give young artists the chance to reveal professionalism and creativity, combined with the concepts of accessibility and sustainability, to stage one of the most beloved titles of the opera repertoire.

The opera will be performed in the 2024/2025 Opera Seasons of the OperaLombardia Theatres and will feature the young singers, winners of the AsLiCo International Competition for Young Opera Singers.

The opera will be staged on September 26th and 28th 2024 at the Teatro Sociale di Como, followed by a tournée at the OperaLombardia Theatres and the other co-producing Theatres.

The Selection is aimed at creative teams Under35, composed by artists of legal age that on December 31st 2023 are under the age of 35 and of European citizenship.

The creative team is required to present the directing project, scenes, costumes, lighting design and possible choreography.

The registration to the Selection is under the director’s name, who will be the contact person responsible for the entire creative team (max 5 members).

The directing projects will be selected by an International Jury nominated by OperaLombardia. The Jury Members will be published on the website

The Jury will select the three finalist projects that will be announced on February 16th, 2024 at Teatro Regio di Parma. On March 4th, 2024 the three finalist teams will be invited at Teatro Sociale di Como for the presentation of their projects to the Jury and for a practical rehearsal test with the cast. For the final evaluation of the winning project, creative teams can present additional materials not required in the application (for example the set model).

The winning project will be announced in Como on March 4th, 2024.




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