Como is a wonderful place situated in a small hollow surrounded by morainic mountains, dominated by Brunate’s hill and open towards the lake.
Rich of monuments, it is known world-wide for its beauty and for its lake, the deepest lake in Italy and one of the deepest lakes in Europe.
A walk in the historic centre gives the tourist the impression of a medieval town atmosphere, the opportunity to discover vestiges from the Renaissance and the Baroque and to gape in front of the famous buildings of Rationalism. You will be enchanted by the wonderful lake promenade, constellated with classical aristocratic Villas.
Boats and hydrofoils leave from the large, modern Piazza Cavour for pleasant trips around the lake. Seeing ‘the lake from the lake’ is definitely the best way to fully appreciate the beauty of the landscape,
The home of illustrious figures such as Pliny the Younger, Pliny the Elder, Alessandro Volta and the more ‘modern’ Giuseppe Terragni, Como is also a city of the arts, with events, exhibitions, concerts and shows organized all year round.


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By car
Autostrada A8 (Milano-Laghi), exit Como sud, in the direction of centro città. At the entrance of the city, take Via Milano, Viale Cesare Battisti at the end of which turns (to the left) into Viale Lecco. You will arrive at the Piazza del Popolo, take your first left and cross over the ferrovia train tracks. This will place you in Piazza Verdi (to the right of the Duomo).
The theater is located here. Patrons may find parking a few meters from the theater.
From the top of the lake/highway 340 – take Como direction. Go along the lake and follow the road signs to Como town..
From Lecco and Bergamo/ highway 342, 340 – take Como direction and follow the road signs to Como town.

By plane
Train services Malpensa Express (Ferrovie Nord Milano) are available every 30 minutes from airport to Milano Cadorna (other stop is Saronno). It takes about 40 minutes.

From LINATE Airport
Bus service every 30 minutes from airport to Central Station of Milan.

Bus service every 30 minutes from airport to Central Station of Milan.

From LUGANO AGNO (CH) Airport
Bus service from airport to Lugano and train from Lugano to Como S. Giovanni station.

By train
Ferrovie TRENord
Regional (R) or Suburban (S) Lines TRENORD, stop at the station Como Nord Lago (200 meters from the theater) or station Como S. Giovanni (about 1 km from the theater/about 10 minutes by foot).
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By lake
The best means to achieve the main destinations facing along the 170 km coastline of the lake are boats, hydrofoils and ferries car, practical and fast to switch from branch to branch of the lake.
ph. +39 031.579211
call center 800.551801
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Many car parks in the center of Como are charged. It is advisable to leave your car out of the towncenter, where are more free parking, and come in the town by public transports or by foot.
Secure parking:
Autosilo Valduce, Viale Lecco
2 minutes by foot
Autosilo Via Castelnuovo
20 minutes by foot
Autosilo Via Auguadri 1
10 minutes by foot
Autosilo Val Mulini, Via dei Mulini
45 minutes by foot

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Via Maestri Cumacini (next to the Cathedral)
Opening hours
10.30 – 17.30
Saturday – Sunday:
10:00 – 18:00

Piazzale San Gottardo
mob. +39 342.0076403
Opening hours
– October/March: from 9.30 to 16.30 (closed on Tuesday)
– April/September: every day from 9.00 to 17.00

Piazza Cavour, 17 – Como
ph. +39 031.3300128-031
Opening hours
9:00-13:00 / 14:00-17:00
Sunday, h. 9.30 – 13.00

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Como offers many attractions. In addition to the various museums and monuments, several events are organised during the year. In the ancient city centre, a pedestrian area surrounded by roman walls, is the Duomo and the Broletto, a building with a gothic façade used nowadays for exhibitions and public events. Characteristic are the buildings of the famous architect Giuseppe Terragni, the “Casa del Fascio” and the “Novocomum”. Walking in the lake-front city park you can reach the “Tempio Voltiano”, where the Museum of Alessandro Volta, inventor of the battery, is located. Also dedicated to the scientist is a lighthouse in Brunate, reachable by funicular.

There are many points of interest for those who want to enjoy Lake Como. The area offers numerous possibilities which can meet all expectations: cultural trips in Como or Lecco; relaxing walks in pleasant resorts where it is also possible to visit majestic villas, often surrounded by parks and gardens; trekking in the green valleys of the area.

Villas on the Lake
Villa of Balbianello (Lenno)
Villa Carlotta (Tremezzo)
Villa Gallia, Villa Geno, Villa Melzi, Villa Olmo, Villa Serbelloni (Como)

Baradello, Roman walls, Monumento dei Caduti, Novocomum, Casa del Fascio, Porta Torre, Teatro Sociale, Tempio Voltiano

Basilica of Sant’Abbondio, Broletto, Church of San Fedele, Church of Crocefisso, The Cathedral Duomo

Archaelogical Museum, Civic art gallery, The Educational Silk Museum

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