Teatro Sociale di Como vaunts an extremely varied programme of top-level events. Classical and modern dance performances by international companies, symphonic concerts conducted by top names, Italian and international pop music concerts, and of course opera, all ensure that the Teatro Sociale is one of the attractions that make Lake Como a magnet for cultural tourism, a lively theatre opened over 300 days per year.
AsLiCo opens the path to young talented students through experimental theatre. Whether singers, directors, conductors, musicians, stage and costume designers, AsLiCo has always offered them important occasions of artistic growth and job opportunities, through the Competition for young Opera Singers of Europe and the opera productions touring within regional networks (OperaLombardia and Pocket Opera).
Cornerstone of AsLiCo is Opera education, a didactic programme consisting of 5 productions involving each year more than 150.000 children and teenagers and 4000 teachers. Opera is introduced by an educational training programme in the schools, then staged in an arranged version, with the active participation of the young audience.



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Founded in Milan in 1949 by Cavaliere Giovanni Treccani degli Alfieri, AsLiCo (Opera Concert Association) was established with the aim of “paving the way for young students with sufficient natural talent for experimental theatre”. Having consolidated itself over the years, AsLiCo promotes numerous ventures and projects aimed at the training of young performers, offering them important opportunities for work and growth. In 2001 AsLiCo established its headquarters at the Teatro Sociale and started managing all the artistic activities of the historic Como opera house.
Teatro Sociale was founded in 1813, the year Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner were born. It was built in an area known as the “place of ruins” because it was the site of the Castle of the Round Tower. The design of the opera house was entrusted to the architect Giuseppe Cusi.
The building is owned by the Società dei Palchettisti.


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Ticket office of Teatro Sociale
Piazza Verdi, 22100 Como
From Tuesday to Friday, h 13.00-18.00
Saturday, h 10.00-13.00
Ph. +39. 031.270170
Fax +39. 031.271472


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Public Promotion
Claudia Cozzi
Ph. +39. 031.270171


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Thursday 24 September, ore 20.30 (Prima)
Saturday 26 September, ore 20.30 (turno B)


Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Conductor Stefano Montanari
Director Mario Martone


Friday 30 October, ore 20.30 (turno A)
Sunday 1 November, ore 15.30 (turno B)


Music by Gaetano Donizetti
Conductor Christopher Franklin
Director Andrea Cigni


Thursday 26 November, ore 20.30 (turno A)
Saturday 28 November, ore 20.30 (turno B)


Music by Giuseppe Verdi
Conductor Pietro Mianiti
Director Nicola Berloffa
Friday 11 December, ore 20.30 (turno A)
Sunday 13 December, ore 15.30 (turno B)


Music by Gioachino Rossini
Conductor Francesco Ommassini
Director Damiano Michieletto
Friday 22 January, ore 20.30 (turno A)
Sunday 24 January, ore 15.30 (turno B)


Music by Giacomo Puccini
Conductor Giampaolo Bisanti
Director Leo Muscato



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